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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AccoAbroad & how does it works?

Accoabroad is an accommodation search and booking platform targeted mainly towards students travelling abroad to study in Ireland & UK. We have local partnerships in student housing companies, rental agencies and allied service providers to simplify your entire relocation process. While our primary customer base is students and most of our properties are located close to universities, we cater to non-students as well. So if you are looking for short to long term accommodation please drop us a message and we will guide you. Some properties are restricted only for students. All our listings are genuine and are verified.

Does Accoabroad charge any service fee and how much?

We work with two major kinds of listings. For some listings specially student residences, where we have partnered with accommodation providers, we charge no or very nominal service fees. For other verified listings we charge a nominal service fee to run our portal. This service fee sometimes also includes the service fees charged by property owners or agents. It is very difficult to provide exact service fees details before looking at the period and availability of the property. Hence we clearly inform you the service fees only after receiving your specific enquiry and ensure all fees is communicated to you before we accept a reservation. There are no hidden fees which are charged once we sign and send you a contract.

Is service fees same for all properties?

Service Fees is based on a variety of factors such as lease period, city, agent, property owner etc. Hence it is different for all properties and bookings.

Are there any Transaction charges while paying to confirm a reservation?

Yes. Transaction charged is based on the charges applied by the Payment Gateway which you use to pay for confirming your reservation. It also depends on the payment method. The charges are informed to you before you proceed with the payment.

What happens to the Security Deposit paid for most of the bookings?

The security deposit collected is transferred to the Housing Company / Provider or Landlord. Accoabroad does not take any responsibility or is not liable in any way for refund of the same. You should ask the refund directly with the landlord / accommodation provider when you vacate the room at the end of your lease term. The amount refunded is based on the specific policies of the house / room. In case you receive a reduced security deposit you must try to sort out directly. You can get in touch with us and we will try or best to talk to our agents and partners to resolve any differences. But we are in no way liable for the same.

What are the utilities included in the rent?

Please check the property description for all inclusions in your rent. For any doubts you can contact us. Usually utilities such as Wifi, Water, Heating, Garbage and Electricity are included and are subject to fair usage policies.

Is heating provided in apartments?

Most apartments offer heating facilities.

What are the different types of accommodation?

AccoAbroad mainly offers three types of listings – Purpose Built student residences, Shared Accommodation & Host Families.

What if I am not satisfied with the room after moving in?

Please talk to the landlord or the accommodation owner for any problems. If you are unable to resolve please contact us with your problem. We will mediate and try to solve any issues.  We can only ensure that no wrong information was provided from our end.

To whom do I pay the monthly / future rentals?

After the first installment which we charge while booking your accommodation, all future payments are directly paid to landlord. You will be clearly informed the payment terms while signing the contract.

Can I visit the house before booking?

No. The whole purpose of our portal is to provide you verified listings and simplify the process so that you do not have to spend hours visiting places to finalize your accommodation. We do this on your behalf. Personally visiting the house before booking is not possible.

Are the apartments / rooms furnished?

Yes. All our listings are for furnished apartments / rooms only.

Can I bring my Pets with me?

No. Pets are not allowed in all our listings.

Can I know the details of other people staying with me in a shared accommodation?

No. We are unable to provide details of people staying in other rooms in the house or who your neighbors are.

Can I have overnight guests in my room?

This depends on the house rules and policies.

Can I sublet or share my room with another person?

No. Subletting or sharing the room with unregistered persons is strictly not allowed for all our listings.

Can I cancel my reservation and confirming a booking?

Cancellation Policy differs for every listing. Please read the description or email sent by us. If you are unsure, please get in touch and we will clearly inform you the cancellation policy for your booking.

How to reach us in case of any other queries?

Please email us on or Send us a WhatsApp Message on +91 95661 33214

Is the reservation guaranteed after I send an enquiry?

No. We do not provide instant bookings only for the reason that most properties listed on our website might have interest from multiple people. It also depends on the landlord / accommodation provider to accept your request. We recheck the availability with the property owner  after receiving your request and get back to you with the confirmation within 48 working hours.

Are there any other properties available apart from the one’s listed on the website?

Yes. We have tie ups with many agents and service providers. It is not possible for us to keep an updated list of properties on our website. Once we receive your details we may be able to offer you many more options apart from the one’s listed on the portal.


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